Twelve Mukhi Rudraksha(Nepali)


  • Symbol of : Sun…Ruling God : Lord Indra
  • Day of wearing : Monday…Way of wearing : Take one bead of Twelve faced Rudraksha string it in a thread after capping it in gold or silver and wear it chanting the mantra.
  • Properties: This Rudraksha removes all the sins. The person who wear this Rudraksha get Punya equivalent to the donating 108 cows.


Twelve mukhi rudraksha is a bead having twelve lines originating from top to bottom. This rudraksha is blessed by Sun. It is also called Dwadash- aditya. Due to the blessing of immense power of planet sun this Rudraksha removes the lethargic attitude and increases the radiance and positive attitude towards life.

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Rudraksha Bead Size

19 MM, 20 MM, 21 MM, 22 MM, 23 MM, 24 MM, 25 MM


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