Rosequartz face massager roller


  • Best facial massager tool – We guarantee this is the jade face roller available. Because our rose quartz facial rollers stay cool longer than any jade facial roller, it is the perfect eye roller for puffy eyes. By shrinking swollen facial tissues and pores, this gua sha facial tool will help your face look thinner, healthier and younger! Our face slimmer will deliver younger looking skin!
  • Renews skin cells – Our guasha massage tool and crystal face roller massager is packed with minerals (including magnesium, iron and oxygen) that help reduce inflammation and support skin cells. Feel your skin become tighter and younger as your face massage roller helps you to absorb your creams and serums while increasing blood flow and oxygen to the cells.


  • Tones facial muscles – Increased blood flow and oxygen to skin cells helps to tighten and reduce pore size, while our face roller rose quartz stimulates muscles, increasing tone and strength, creating a younger appearance and healthy rose glow. Use rose quartz gua sha scraper facial tools to increase blood flow throughout the body, perfect for areas like the neck.
  • Save money of beauty products – With the increased absorption using the skin roller, your products will last much longer. Serums and face creams are gently massaged into the skin. Experience twice the benefits of the facial massage roller by applying anti-aging wrinkles creams and products with your jade rollers.


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