Red Coral (Munga) – 5.43 Carat



Red Coral (Munga) – 5.43 Carat

Red coral gemstone is a precious gemstone which is also known as Moonga (Munga) or Praval.

Ruling Planet: Mars / Mangal

Lab certified Red Coral (Munga)


Benefits of wearing Munga or Red Coral:

  1. Wearing this gemstone is supposed to help overcome obstacles in life and win over enemies
  2. It helps people to gain courage and helps them to win over people as well as face adversaries
  3. Munga stone is said to increase self esteem and confidence of the wearer.
  4. Anyone with having problems related to anger and peace benefits from it
  5. It is supposed to help people with Manglik Dosh and help in relationship related problems
  6. It helps in protection against negative energies
  7. It helps to attain leadership positions and is especially beneficial for people in sports or business etc

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